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Our Story


Life is just a journey!  

- Princess Diana





Or, probably life is but a series of journeys. Some short, some long, some new, some familiar, yet each adding to life with every step we take!
We, as a family, have always shared a passion to travel. Our travels have greatly helped us grow in our appreciation of the distinct value each place we visited (or bucket-listed) has had to offer. The diversity in landscapes aboded by Mother Earth is compounded by its habitant flora and fauna that of course includes the people, and their cultures. Each unique, each beautiful in its own way!

As many, we are keenly interested and deeply fascinated by people and their cultures. We express our cultures in many ways. For example, cultures are portrayed through our belief systems, traditions, languages, architecture, food, clothing, etc. Therefore, jewelry worn by people has obvious cultural ties, and has great historical significance in discourses related to cultures. 

All of our designs are inspired by aspects of selected cultures represented in our collections. It is our sincere hope that our products will help us celebrate our rich diversity as citizens of this one world as we know it!

One life, many journeys! Live it.
    - Neeti Wells (president) with daughter, Jonika Wells (vice president).