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"Aine", The Glory Bangle

"Aine", The Glory Bangle

Easy wear beautiful bangle with design inspired by Celtic "Sailor's Knot". This knot is made from two inter-twined ropes and dates back to the ancient times when the Celtic sailors who spent long months at sea would remember their sweethearts and weave rope mementoes for them. The sailor's knot is actually two entwined knots and so, symbolizes harmony, friendship, affection and deep love. Denoting the union of two into one, the knot stands for the blending of individual lives into one with a common purpose. 

  • Open design makes it adjustable to accommodate different wrist sizes.
  • Size:  65*65mm
  • Material: 92.5 sterling silver with 18k white gold plating (Nickel free)

  • $ 59.99

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